For information on how to use this acivity click here or visit the Teacher's Notes for Buzz 8.

To download this activity click on one of the images above.

The activity should run on any machine that has a version Microsoft®Powerpoint (part of
Microsoft®Office) later than 2000. (Tallyx is the version for Powerpoint 2007 onwards). If you don't have Powerpoint you can download a free Powerpoint player at

The activity comes with sound and music (the files ending in .mp3 are music, the file ending in .pps or ppsx is the activity.) The music will happen automatically on Apple Macs, but may not on all PC's. (The downloaded folder 'Tally' or 'Tallyx' should have three .mp3 files and one .pps(or ppsx) file. Click on the .pps file to open the activity). The activity will run and work perfectly well without the music, and still have some embedded sounds.

If you have problems please email:
For versions of Powerpoint® earlier than 2000
For versions of Powerpoint® after than 2000